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Upgrading from 3.13 to 3.14


To follow the zero-downtime strategy when upgrading to 3.14, It is recommended to first migrate to at least 3.13.17 and turn on the Celery worker to process all data migrations asynchronously. Otherwise, you will need to downtime your solution to ensure correct data migration.

This migration guide describes the upgrade from versions 3.13 to 3.14. Version 3.14 contains the following breaking changes:

Channel permissions

Channel permissions allow limiting staff user access only to certain channels. To ensure the proper functioning of OAuth permissions, ensure that the Default permission group name for new staff users is set to a permission group with no channel restrictions.

Plugins manager:

In Saleor 3.14, sales applied to checkout are denormalized. The CheckoutLineInfo object now includes a discounts: List["CheckoutLineDiscount"]. This field contains the sales that are applied to the lines. As a consequence of this change, the discounts field has been removed from the listed plugin manager methods. Instead of the discounts argument, an applied discount is now assigned to each line in the CheckoutLineInfo inside the CheckoutInfo object. This change applies to the following methods:

  • calculate_checkout_total
  • calculate_checkout_subtotal
  • calculate_checkout_shipping
  • get_checkout_shipping_tax_rate
  • calculate_checkout_line_total
  • calculate_checkout_line_unit_price
  • get_checkout_line_tax_rate
  • preprocess_order_creation

In the future, It is planned to add objects created by vouchers that can be applied to checkout. More information in RFC.