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Version: 3.x



@saleor/app-sdk is a TypeScript-first npm library that serves as a foundation for every Saleor app. It includes helpers built for React and Next.js.

The documentation for @saleor/app-sdk is being maintained in its repository.

You can find @saleor/app-sdk on npm and GitHub.


Install @saleor/app-sdk by running the following command:

# Preferred - with pnpm
pnpm add @saleor/app-sdk

# With npm and yarn
npm i @saleor/app-sdk
yarn add @saleor/app-sdk


@saleor/app-sdk uses semver. We track its releases and changelogs on GitHub.

Currently, the SDK is in the pre-1.0 phase, meaning the API is unstable. We do our best to minimize breaking changes.

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