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Cloud Quickstart

Saleor Cloud offers free sandbox environments for developers to explore the Saleor platform without needing credit card information or trial periods.



Create an account at Saleor Cloud.


Create a sandbox

Create a store closest to the location of your project.


Explore the dashboard

The dashboard will be populated with sample datasets to make it easier to explore the features. At this stage, you have a ready-to-use Saleor store that you can use to follow the other quickstart guides.


Create a snapshot

  1. Try to modify any data (for example, deleting or editing a product) and create a snapshot of the store to save the current state of the store.
  2. In the sandbox settings, use Create a snapshot.
  3. Give the snapshot a name Staging snapshot.



Clear data

We can completely erase data from the DB to start from scratch.

In the sandbox Danger settings, use Clear database.

This will remove all data from the database, making the dashboard empty as a result.


Use snapshot

Use Restore from snapshot to back the data we saved in the previous step.

Snapshots can be used across different sandboxes. You can now also create a new sandbox using the snapshot.

Go to Project -> New sandbox -> Create from snapshot.

Next steps

Using snapshot management can help you write migration scripts, test new features, or create a new store for staging or feature development.