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Headless architecture decouples the frontend from the backend. This means that the backend response contains only data as opposed to adding frontend presentation logic such as HTML.

Key benefits

Use any frontend technology

You can consume backend data using any web, mobile, or native technology. This is especially useful when you have multiple platforms to serve, such as kiosks, point of sale, web, mobile, VR, etc.

Creative freedom

The decoupled backend provides more design freedom.

Front-end team independence

Front-end teams can make changes to the project without being dependent on the backend.

Full control over performance

Headless setup gives more control over the performance of your applications.

Our approach to headless

Front-end ready API

In some cases, Saleor API can be consumed directly by front-end applications without requiring middleware. Projects without Backend For Frontend potentially enable faster development speed and reduce maintenance costs of your applications.


GraphQL in the headless setup has performance and productivity advantages compared to REST. Read Why GraphQL.

Starter kits

We provide tools to accelerate development and document best practices. Check out our quickstart page.

Admin extensions

Admin can be extended via iFrames, which allows you to use any web technology to create new admin pages. Read more about admin extensions.