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Saleor Cloud

Before you continue, make sure you went through:


The underlying technology is saleor/storefront. It was built using Next.js 13 with App Router, TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS.

To spawn a fully-featured storefront connected to your Saleor project, run the following command using Saleor CLI:

saleor storefront create


To set up a minimalistic Next.js & TypeScript boilerplate that only implements the basic features of Saleor, clone the saleor-next-starter repository:

git clone


Before you continue, make sure you have installed:

Saleor Platform

If you want to run Saleor API along with all the major applications locally, you can use saleor-platform.

You can clone it like so:

git clone --recursive --jobs 3

To complete the setup, follow the instructions in the README file.