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Installation with Docker

Saleor is a 12-factor application that is configured using environment variables. We recommend using Docker because it takes care of all necessary dependencies.


You need to install Docker Desktop and Docker Compose before following the instructions below.


To install Docker Desktop on Windows Home, please follow the instructions.


The following steps need to be performed inside a terminal window (Windows users may prefer to use the Windows Terminal, but the Command Prompt will also work).

Clone the repository and build Docker images:

git clone
cd saleor-platform
docker compose build

Saleor uses shared folders to enable live code reloading. If you're using Windows or MacOS you will need to:

  • Add the cloned saleor-platform directory to the list of shared directories in Docker (Settings -> Shared Drives or Preferences -> Resources -> File sharing).
  • Make sure that in Docker preferences, you have dedicated at least 5 GB of memory (Settings -> Advanced or Preferences -> Resources -> Advanced).

Apply database migrations:

docker compose run --rm api python3 migrate

Optionally, populate the database with sample data:

docker compose run --rm api python3 populatedb

Finally, create an admin account:

docker compose run --rm api python3 createsuperuser

Running the services

Use the following command to run all Saleor containers (from within the saleor-platform directory):

docker compose up

The dashboard will now be available at localhost:9000.


Make sure Docker and Docker Compose work before attempting to run Saleor. Unfortunately, we won't be able to assist with your Docker installation.

Windows versions before Windows 10 are not officially supported.

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