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Saleor is powered by GraphQL. GraphQL is a query language that allows clients to talk to an API server. Unlike REST, it gives the client control over how much or how little data they want to receive about each object and allows relations within the object graph to be traversed easily.

To learn more about the GraphQL language and its concepts, see the official GraphQL website.

Accessing the API​

The API endpoint is available at /graphql/ and requires queries to be submitted using the HTTP POST method and the application/json content type.

Using the Saleor GraphQL API allows you to query and modify all of your shop’s data flexibly and efficiently. Our API provides both types of operations:

  • Public: carried out on behalf of customers of your storefront
  • Private: related to the administration and operation of the store

Here's an example query to fetch the store's name:

shop {


"data": {
"shop": {
"name": "Saleor e-commerce"

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