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Taxable object.

type TaxableObject {
sourceObject: TaxSourceObject!
pricesEnteredWithTax: Boolean!
currency: String!
shippingPrice: Money!
address: Address
discounts: [TaxableObjectDiscount!]!
lines: [TaxableObjectLine!]!
channel: Channel!


TaxableObject.sourceObject ● TaxSourceObject! non-null union

The source object related to this tax object.

TaxableObject.pricesEnteredWithTax ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Determines if prices contain entered tax..

TaxableObject.currency ● String! non-null scalar

The currency of the object.

TaxableObject.shippingPrice ● Money! non-null object

The price of shipping method.

TaxableObject.address ● Address object

The address data.

TaxableObject.discounts ● [TaxableObjectDiscount!]! non-null object

List of discounts.

TaxableObject.lines ● [TaxableObjectLine!]! non-null object

List of lines assigned to the object. ● Channel! non-null object

Member of

CalculateTaxes object

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