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input TaxConfigurationUpdateInput {
chargeTaxes: Boolean
taxCalculationStrategy: TaxCalculationStrategy
displayGrossPrices: Boolean
pricesEnteredWithTax: Boolean
updateCountriesConfiguration: [TaxConfigurationPerCountryInput!]
removeCountriesConfiguration: [CountryCode!]


TaxConfigurationUpdateInput.chargeTaxes ● Boolean scalar

Determines whether taxes are charged in the given channel.

TaxConfigurationUpdateInput.taxCalculationStrategy ● TaxCalculationStrategy enum

The default strategy to use for tax calculation in the given channel. Taxes can be calculated either using user-defined flat rates or with a tax app. Empty value means that no method is selected and taxes are not calculated.

TaxConfigurationUpdateInput.displayGrossPrices ● Boolean scalar

Determines whether displayed prices should include taxes.

TaxConfigurationUpdateInput.pricesEnteredWithTax ● Boolean scalar

Determines whether prices are entered with the tax included.

TaxConfigurationUpdateInput.updateCountriesConfiguration ● [TaxConfigurationPerCountryInput!] list input

List of tax country configurations to create or update (identified by a country code).

TaxConfigurationUpdateInput.removeCountriesConfiguration ● [CountryCode!] list enum

List of country codes for which to remove the tax configuration.

Member of

taxConfigurationUpdate mutation

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