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type ProductChannelListingError {
field: String
message: String
code: ProductErrorCode!
attributes: [ID!]
values: [ID!]
channels: [ID!]
variants: [ID!]


ProductChannelListingError.field ● String scalar

Name of a field that caused the error. A value of null indicates that the error isn't associated with a particular field.

ProductChannelListingError.message ● String scalar

The error message.

ProductChannelListingError.code ● ProductErrorCode! non-null enum

The error code.

ProductChannelListingError.attributes ● [ID!] list scalar

List of attributes IDs which causes the error.

ProductChannelListingError.values ● [ID!] list scalar

List of attribute values IDs which causes the error.

ProductChannelListingError.channels ● [ID!] list scalar

List of channels IDs which causes the error.

ProductChannelListingError.variants ● [ID!] list scalar

List of variants IDs which causes the error.

Member of

ProductChannelListingUpdate object ● ProductVariantChannelListingUpdate object

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