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Version: Canary 🚧


History log of the order.

type OrderEvent implements Node {
id: ID!
date: DateTime
type: OrderEventsEnum
user: User
app: App
message: String
email: String
emailType: OrderEventsEmailsEnum
amount: Float
paymentId: String
paymentGateway: String
quantity: Int
composedId: String
orderNumber: String
invoiceNumber: String
oversoldItems: [String!]
lines: [OrderEventOrderLineObject!]
fulfilledItems: [FulfillmentLine!]
warehouse: Warehouse
transactionReference: String
shippingCostsIncluded: Boolean
relatedOrder: Order
related: OrderEvent
discount: OrderEventDiscountObject
reference: String
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Fields ● ID! non-null scalar ● DateTime scalar

Date when event happened at in ISO 8601 format.

OrderEvent.type ● OrderEventsEnum enum

Order event type.

OrderEvent.user ● User object

User who performed the action. ● App object

App that performed the action. Requires of of the following permissions: MANAGE_APPS, MANAGE_ORDERS, OWNER.

OrderEvent.message ● String scalar

Content of the event. ● String scalar

Email of the customer.

OrderEvent.emailType ● OrderEventsEmailsEnum enum

Type of an email sent to the customer.

OrderEvent.amount ● Float scalar

Amount of money.

OrderEvent.paymentId ● String scalar

The payment reference from the payment provider.

OrderEvent.paymentGateway ● String scalar

The payment gateway of the payment.

OrderEvent.quantity ● Int scalar

Number of items.

OrderEvent.composedId ● String scalar

Composed ID of the Fulfillment.

OrderEvent.orderNumber ● String scalar

User-friendly number of an order.

OrderEvent.invoiceNumber ● String scalar

Number of an invoice related to the order.

OrderEvent.oversoldItems ● [String!] list scalar

List of oversold lines names.

OrderEvent.lines ● [OrderEventOrderLineObject!] list object

The concerned lines.

OrderEvent.fulfilledItems ● [FulfillmentLine!] list object

The lines fulfilled.

OrderEvent.warehouse ● Warehouse object

The warehouse were items were restocked.

OrderEvent.transactionReference ● String scalar

The transaction reference of captured payment.

OrderEvent.shippingCostsIncluded ● Boolean scalar

Define if shipping costs were included to the refund.

OrderEvent.relatedOrder ● Order object

The order which is related to this order.

OrderEvent.related ● OrderEvent object

The order event which is related to this event.

Added in Saleor 3.15
This API is currently in Feature Preview and can be subject to changes at later point. ● OrderEventDiscountObject object

The discount applied to the order.

OrderEvent.reference ● String scalar

The reference of payment's transaction.


Node interface

An object with an ID

Member of

Order object ● OrderAddNote object ● OrderEvent object ● OrderEventCountableEdge object ● OrderNoteAdd object ● OrderNoteUpdate object

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