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Version: Canary 🚧


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input OrderReturnProductsInput {
orderLines: [OrderReturnLineInput!]
fulfillmentLines: [OrderReturnFulfillmentLineInput!]
amountToRefund: PositiveDecimal
includeShippingCosts: Boolean
refund: Boolean


OrderReturnProductsInput.orderLines ● [OrderReturnLineInput!] list input

List of unfulfilled lines to return.

OrderReturnProductsInput.fulfillmentLines ● [OrderReturnFulfillmentLineInput!] list input

List of fulfilled lines to return.

OrderReturnProductsInput.amountToRefund ● PositiveDecimal scalar

The total amount of refund when the value is provided manually.

OrderReturnProductsInput.includeShippingCosts ● Boolean scalar

If true, Saleor will refund shipping costs. If amountToRefund is providedincludeShippingCosts will be ignored.

OrderReturnProductsInput.refund ● Boolean scalar

If true, Saleor will call refund action for all lines.

Member of

orderFulfillmentReturnProducts mutation

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