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input OrderFilterInput {
paymentStatus: [PaymentChargeStatusEnum!]
status: [OrderStatusFilter!]
customer: String
created: DateRangeInput
search: String
metadata: [MetadataFilter!]
channels: [ID!]
authorizeStatus: [OrderAuthorizeStatusEnum!]
chargeStatus: [OrderChargeStatusEnum!]
updatedAt: DateTimeRangeInput
isClickAndCollect: Boolean
isPreorder: Boolean
ids: [ID!]
giftCardUsed: Boolean
giftCardBought: Boolean
numbers: [String!]
checkoutIds: [ID!]
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OrderFilterInput.paymentStatus ● [PaymentChargeStatusEnum!] list enum

OrderFilterInput.status ● [OrderStatusFilter!] list enum

OrderFilterInput.customer ● String scalar

OrderFilterInput.created ● DateRangeInput input ● String scalar

OrderFilterInput.metadata ● [MetadataFilter!] list input

OrderFilterInput.channels ● [ID!] list scalar

OrderFilterInput.authorizeStatus ● [OrderAuthorizeStatusEnum!] list enum

OrderFilterInput.chargeStatus ● [OrderChargeStatusEnum!] list enum

OrderFilterInput.updatedAt ● DateTimeRangeInput input

OrderFilterInput.isClickAndCollect ● Boolean scalar

OrderFilterInput.isPreorder ● Boolean scalar

OrderFilterInput.ids ● [ID!] list scalar

OrderFilterInput.giftCardUsed ● Boolean scalar

OrderFilterInput.giftCardBought ● Boolean scalar

OrderFilterInput.numbers ● [String!] list scalar

OrderFilterInput.checkoutIds ● [ID!] list scalar

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