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input OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput {
variantId: ID
variantSku: String
variantExternalReference: String
variantName: String
productName: String
translatedVariantName: String
translatedProductName: String
createdAt: DateTime!
isShippingRequired: Boolean!
isGiftCard: Boolean!
quantity: Int!
totalPrice: TaxedMoneyInput!
undiscountedTotalPrice: TaxedMoneyInput!
warehouse: ID!
metadata: [MetadataInput!]
privateMetadata: [MetadataInput!]
taxRate: PositiveDecimal
taxClassId: ID
taxClassName: String
taxClassMetadata: [MetadataInput!]
taxClassPrivateMetadata: [MetadataInput!]
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OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.variantId ● ID scalar

The ID of the product variant.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.variantSku ● String scalar

The SKU of the product variant.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.variantExternalReference ● String scalar

The external ID of the product variant.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.variantName ● String scalar

The name of the product variant.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.productName ● String scalar

The name of the product.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.translatedVariantName ● String scalar

Translation of the product variant name.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.translatedProductName ● String scalar

Translation of the product name.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.createdAt ● DateTime! non-null scalar

The date, when the order line was created.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.isShippingRequired ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Determines whether shipping of the order line items is required.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.isGiftCard ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Gift card flag.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.quantity ● Int! non-null scalar

Number of items in the order line

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.totalPrice ● TaxedMoneyInput! non-null input

Price of the order line.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.undiscountedTotalPrice ● TaxedMoneyInput! non-null input

Price of the order line excluding applied discount.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.warehouse ● ID! non-null scalar

The ID of the warehouse, where the line will be allocated.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.metadata ● [MetadataInput!] list input

Metadata of the order line.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.privateMetadata ● [MetadataInput!] list input

Private metadata of the order line.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.taxRate ● PositiveDecimal scalar

Tax rate of the order line.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.taxClassId ● ID scalar

The ID of the tax class.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.taxClassName ● String scalar

The name of the tax class.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.taxClassMetadata ● [MetadataInput!] list input

Metadata of the tax class.

OrderBulkCreateOrderLineInput.taxClassPrivateMetadata ● [MetadataInput!] list input

Private metadata of the tax class.

Member of

OrderBulkCreateInput input

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