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input VoucherInput {
type: VoucherTypeEnum
name: String
code: String
addCodes: [String!]
startDate: DateTime
endDate: DateTime
discountValueType: DiscountValueTypeEnum
products: [ID!]
variants: [ID!]
collections: [ID!]
categories: [ID!]
minCheckoutItemsQuantity: Int
countries: [String!]
applyOncePerOrder: Boolean
applyOncePerCustomer: Boolean
onlyForStaff: Boolean
singleUse: Boolean
usageLimit: Int
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VoucherInput.type ● VoucherTypeEnum enum

Voucher type: PRODUCT, CATEGORY SHIPPING or ENTIRE_ORDER. ● String scalar

Voucher name.

VoucherInput.code ● String scalar

Code to use the voucher. This field will be removed in Saleor 4.0. Use addCodes instead.

VoucherInput.addCodes ● [String!] list scalar

List of codes to add.

Added in Saleor 3.18
This API is currently in Feature Preview and can be subject to changes at later point.

VoucherInput.startDate ● DateTime scalar

Start date of the voucher in ISO 8601 format.

VoucherInput.endDate ● DateTime scalar

End date of the voucher in ISO 8601 format.

VoucherInput.discountValueType ● DiscountValueTypeEnum enum

Choices: fixed or percentage.

VoucherInput.products ● [ID!] list scalar

Products discounted by the voucher.

VoucherInput.variants ● [ID!] list scalar

Variants discounted by the voucher.

Added in Saleor 3.1

VoucherInput.collections ● [ID!] list scalar

Collections discounted by the voucher.

VoucherInput.categories ● [ID!] list scalar

Categories discounted by the voucher.

VoucherInput.minCheckoutItemsQuantity ● Int scalar

Minimal quantity of checkout items required to apply the voucher.

VoucherInput.countries ● [String!] list scalar

Country codes that can be used with the shipping voucher.

VoucherInput.applyOncePerOrder ● Boolean scalar

Voucher should be applied to the cheapest item or entire order.

VoucherInput.applyOncePerCustomer ● Boolean scalar

Voucher should be applied once per customer.

VoucherInput.onlyForStaff ● Boolean scalar

Voucher can be used only by staff user.

VoucherInput.singleUse ● Boolean scalar

When set to 'True', each voucher code can be used only once; otherwise, codes can be used multiple times depending on usageLimit.

The option can only be changed if none of the voucher codes have been used.

Added in Saleor 3.18
This API is currently in Feature Preview and can be subject to changes at later point.

VoucherInput.usageLimit ● Int scalar

Limit number of times this voucher can be used in total.

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voucherCreate mutation ● voucherUpdate mutation

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