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Version: Canary 🚧


Completes the checkout. As a result a new order is created. The mutation allows to create the unpaid order when setting orderSettings.allowUnpaidOrders for given Channel is set to true. When orderSettings.allowUnpaidOrders is set to false, checkout can be completed only when attached Payment/TransactionItems fully cover the checkout's total. When processing the checkout with Payment, in case of required additional confirmation step like 3D secure, the confirmationNeeded flag will be set to True and no order will be created until payment is confirmed with second call of this mutation.

Triggers the following webhook events:

  • SHIPPING_LIST_METHODS_FOR_CHECKOUT (sync): Optionally triggered when cached external shipping methods are invalid.
  • CHECKOUT_FILTER_SHIPPING_METHODS (sync): Optionally triggered when cached filtered shipping methods are invalid.
  • CHECKOUT_CALCULATE_TAXES (sync): Optionally triggered when checkout prices are expired.
  • ORDER_CREATED (async): Triggered when order is created.
  • NOTIFY_USER (async): A notification for order placement.
  • NOTIFY_USER (async): A staff notification for order placement.
  • ORDER_UPDATED (async): Triggered when order received the update after placement.
  • ORDER_PAID (async): Triggered when newly created order is paid.
  • ORDER_FULLY_PAID (async): Triggered when newly created order is fully paid.
  • ORDER_CONFIRMED (async): Optionally triggered when newly created order are automatically marked as confirmed.
type CheckoutComplete {
order: Order
confirmationNeeded: Boolean!
confirmationData: JSONString
checkoutErrors: [CheckoutError!]! @deprecated
errors: [CheckoutError!]!


CheckoutComplete.order ● Order object

Placed order.

CheckoutComplete.confirmationNeeded ● Boolean! non-null scalar

Set to true if payment needs to be confirmed before checkout is complete.

CheckoutComplete.confirmationData ● JSONString scalar

Confirmation data used to process additional authorization steps.

CheckoutComplete.checkoutErrors ● [CheckoutError!]! deprecated non-null object


This field will be removed in Saleor 4.0. Use errors field instead.

CheckoutComplete.errors ● [CheckoutError!]! non-null object

Returned by

checkoutComplete mutation

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