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Debugging Emails

Saleor Platform uses Mailpit to catch all the emails sent by the Saleor.

Mailpit user interface

Pros of using Mailpit during development:

  • Live preview of rendered emails.
  • No need to send emails to external services.
  • Test emails will be caught in the local environment, so there is no possibility of sending test data to actual customers.
  • It eliminates the possibility of sending emails to non-existing addresses, hurting email reputation.


  • When using the Saleor Platform, Mailpit should already be running on localhost:8025. When running Mailpit locally, follow the installation guide from Mailpit repository.
  • Set the following required fields at the plugin configuration page for AdminEmails and UserEmails (sender name and email are examples, you can adjust it to your needs):
    • SMTP host:
    • SMTP port: 1025
    • Sender name: Saleor
    • Sender email:

Access to the interface

Visit http://localhost:8025 to view the Mailpit interface.