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App Template

Saleor App Template is a minimalistic boilerplate that provides a working example of a Saleor app.

We recommend using the Saleor App Template since it is always up-to-date with best practices and the latest features.

If you want to explore implementations of the Saleor App Template, head over to the App Examples repository.



saleor-app-template repository requires you to install pnpm. If you haven't already, please do so by running:

npm install -g pnpm

With CLI

First, please make sure you have installed the Saleor CLI:

npm i -g @saleor/cli

Then, to generate an app boilerplate using saleor-app-template, run:

saleor app template

Adding -h to the end of the saleor app template command will return all the possible arguments.

With Git

To clone the saleor-app-template repository, please run:

git clone