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Usage Limits

Rate limits

Saleor Cloud sandboxes are currently limited to 120 requests/minute. The limit is applied to all API requests, including GraphQL and Storefront API and is calculated for the entire environment, not per individual IP address. You will receive a HTTP 429 response code if you exceed the limit. The limit resets every 60 seconds and is not a moving window.

Saleor Cloud production environments and on-premise deployments have no rate limiting in place for the API.

Query cost

The GraphQL API calculates the number of requested objects to determine the cost of a query. The cost is calculated based on the number of objects requested, not the number of objects returned. For example, a query that requests 10 products will cost the same even if there are only 5 products in the database.

Certain fields may impose an additional cost. For example, fields that return unfiltered lists of objects and fields that can return large JSON structures.

Saleor will refuse to execute queries that exceed the maximum cost allowed by the server.

You can find the cost of each query and the maximum cost allowed by the server in the extensions.cost field of the response.

"data": {
// ...
"extensions": {
"cost": {
"requestedQueryCost": 5,
"maximumAvailable": 50000

Individual field limits

Fields that use pagination (first/last/before/after) are limited to 100 items per page. See pagination for details on how to paginate through results.