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Sets the user's password from the token sent by email using the RequestPasswordReset mutation.

type SetPassword {
token: String
refreshToken: String
csrfToken: String
user: User
accountErrors: [AccountError!]! @deprecated
errors: [AccountError!]!


SetPassword.token ● String scalar

JWT token, required to authenticate.

SetPassword.refreshToken ● String scalar

JWT refresh token, required to re-generate access token.

SetPassword.csrfToken ● String scalar

CSRF token required to re-generate access token.

SetPassword.user ● User object

A user instance.

SetPassword.accountErrors ● [AccountError!]! deprecated non-null object


This field will be removed in Saleor 4.0. Use errors field instead.

SetPassword.errors ● [AccountError!]! non-null object

Returned by

setPassword mutation