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Represents app data.

type AppExtension implements Node {
id: ID!
permissions: [Permission!]!
label: String!
url: String!
mount: AppExtensionMountEnum!
target: AppExtensionTargetEnum!
app: App!
accessToken: String

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar

The ID of the app extension.

AppExtension.permissions ● [Permission!]! non-null object

List of the app extension's permissions.

AppExtension.label ● String! non-null scalar

Label of the extension to show in the dashboard.

AppExtension.url ● String! non-null scalar

URL of a view where extension's iframe is placed.

AppExtension.mount ● AppExtensionMountEnum! non-null enum

Place where given extension will be mounted. ● AppExtensionTargetEnum! non-null enum

Type of way how app extension will be opened. ● App! non-null object

The app assigned to app extension.

AppExtension.accessToken ● String scalar

JWT token used to authenticate by third-party app extension.


Node interface

An object with an ID

Returned by

appExtension query

Member of

App object ● AppExtensionCountableEdge object