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Version: 3.x

Monitoring with Jaeger

Application performance metrics

Observability is key to understanding a system's behavior. Saleor uses the OpenTracing protocol to report information about its behavior.

What is being traced:

  • HTTP requests including their duration, full URL, request method, client's IP address, and length of response.
  • GraphQL queries including their duration, query string, and execution errors.
  • GraphQL resolvers including their duration, field name, parent type, and execution errors.
  • Database queries including their duration and the SQL statement.


Jaeger is an open-source, end-to-end distributed tracing tool.

If you're using Docker Compose for local development, there is already a Jaeger instance running on your local system. To use Jaeger in your production environment (which we highly recommend), use the following environment variables:


The hostname the Jaeger agent is listening on.


The port the Jaeger agent is listening on. Defaults to 6831.


A boolean flag indicating whether you want to see verbose logs of the agent's communication. Defaults to False.

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