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Version: 3.x


Saleor provides flexible multichannel support, where a channel can be a region, business model, brand, sales channel, etc. Data can be shared, isolated, or customized across different channels, eliminating the need for multiple backend instances.

Why is it important?

Multichannel design is a fundamental part of platform architecture, and it is not trivial to extend such functionality. Even if your use case doesn't require multichannel support now, it can become a requirement in the future, so it can be strategic to eliminate the risk of it becoming a bottleneck for your platform.

Use cases

  • Operate across different regions with localized content, prices, payments, etc.

  • Localization of content, pricing, and shipping.

  • Permission management across different legal teams.

  • Run multiple business models (for example, B2B & B2C) from a single instance.

  • Create multi-brand websites.

Benefits over multi-instance

Efficient operations. Admins can operate from a single instance.

Development workflow. Developers can use single API instance which simplifies development and testing.

Scalable. No need to synchronize data between multiple instances.

Faster time to market. Launch new regions and business models quicker.

Our approach

Depth. Every aspect of our platform is designed with multichannel in mind.

Dashboard native. The dashboard is organized around multichannel operations, giving control to admins not only API.

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