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Debugging emails

The Saleor platform uses Mailhog to catch all the emails sent by the Saleor.

Mailhog user interface

Pros of using Mailhog during development:

  • Live preview of rendered emails.
  • No need to send emails to external services.
  • Test emails will be caught in the local environment, so there is no possibility of sending test data to actual customers.
  • It eliminates the possibility of sending emails to non-existing addresses, hurting email reputation.


Saleor Platform

There is no need for additional configuration. Everything works out of the box.

Local development environment

  1. Follow the installation guide.
  2. Set Mailhog SMTP server address (smtp://localhost:1025) at plugins configuration page for AdminEmails and UserEmails.

Access to the interface

Visit http://localhost:8025.