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Version: 3.x


Saleor apps can be written in any programming language as long as it's a Web application conforming to the app requirements.

The existing app ecosystem in JavaScript can help you get up and running quickly.


The simplest way to create a Saleor app is to use Saleor CLI:

saleor app template my-saleor-app


with npx

npx saleor app template my-saleor-app

CLI clones the Saleor App Template repository and installs dependencies. Saleor recommends using Saleor CLI as it provides more commands for the App development.

While the process is done, cd into the App folder and start the App:

cd my-saleor-app
pnpm dev

That's it! Your app should be up and running.

Other languages


While Saleor doesn't provide an official template for Python apps, we can recommend using mirumee/saleor-app-framework-python. It was created by our partner Mirumee Software, with some contributions from core Saleor members.

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