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App Template

Saleor App Template is a minimalistic boilerplate that provides a working example of a Saleor app.

We recommend using the Saleor App Template since it is always up-to-date with best practices and the latest features.

If you want to explore implementations of the Saleor App Template, head over to the App Examples repository.


With CLI

First, please make sure you have installed the Saleor CLI:

npm i -g @saleor/cli

Then, to generate an app boilerplate using saleor-app-template, run:

saleor app create

Adding -h to the end of the saleor app create command will return all the possible arguments.

With Git

To clone the saleor-app-template repository, please run:

git clone

Open the App Template Gallery in your Saleor Dashboard, choose an app template, and follow the installation process. It will deploy App Template to Vercel and create a repository for you.