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Version: 3.x


The ability to debug is important for app developers. App SDK provides opt-in verbose logs, that can be enabled for specific modules.

Debug logs are implemented with debug package and work both in Node and Browser.

Enabling verbose logs

Debug logs are aggregated within namespaces. They can be enabled, disabled, or configured.

By default, all verbose logs are disabled.

To enable logs, use the following:

Enabling in Node context

Add DEBUG=app-sdk:{namespaces} env variable.


DEBUG=* pnpm run dev

For more details check debug package.

Enabling in the browser context

Set localStorage.debug = 'app-sdk:{namepsaces}' in your frontend code. For more details see debug package.

Debug in iframe

Note, that Saleor Apps are usually hosted on a different domain than Saleor Dashboard. That means localStorage must be called in the context of the App's URL, not the Saleor Dashboard.


// In devtools console
localStorage.debug = "*";


Use the namespace name to enable debug logs for each module.

Namespace nameDescription
\app-sdk:*Enable all
app-sdk:AppBridgeEnable AppBridge (browser only)
app-sdk:Middleware:*Enable all middlewares (node only)
app-sdk:APL:*Enable all APLs (node only)
app-sdk:SaleorAsyncWebhook:*Enable SaleorAsyncWebhook utility

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