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Version: 3.x

Admin Emails

AdminEmails plugin handles email communication with staff (Dashboard users).

Internally, the plugin is similar to UserEmails, with a few notable differences:

  • Available events
  • Self-hosted: SMTP configuration can be set up as environment variables
  • Saleor Cloud: Sending emails is handled by Cloud's SMTP server by default.


If the email configuration of the plugin on the dashboard side will be empty, the plugin will try to use variables defined in file:

  • settings.EMAIL_HOST
  • settings.EMAIL_PORT
  • settings.EMAIL_HOST_USER
  • settings.EMAIL_USE_TLS
  • settings.EMAIL_USE_SSL

Available events

  • account_set_staff_password
  • account_staff_reset_password
  • csv_export_success
  • csv_export_failed
  • staff_order_confirmation

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