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Version: 3.x


Saleor version required: 3.10Repository: GitHub

Taxes is a Saleor app that allows delegating tax calculations to external tax providers. It can replace the default (flat rates) tax calculation method in Saleor. It affects both the checkout and the order creation process.

The currently supported providers are:


Taxes App offers:


Besides the shared features, AvaTax integration also offers:


If you want to explore how the Taxes App work, you can read the Taxes App architecture article.



For a channel to appear on the Available channels list, you must first select "use tax app" as its tax calculation method. You can do that on the Tax Configuration page (ConfigurationTaxes).

In the Taxes page, select the channel and change the value of Select the method of tax calculation to "Use tax app". Then save it and come back to the Taxes App.


In the Tax providers section, you can manage your tax provider instances. Each tax provider instance is a different configuration for a specific tax provider.

You can find instructions for configuring providers on their individual pages:

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