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Version: 3.x


List of product variants. Requires one of the following permissions to include the unpublished items: MANAGE_ORDERS, MANAGE_DISCOUNTS, MANAGE_PRODUCTS.

ids: [ID!]
channel: String
filter: ProductVariantFilterInput
sortBy: ProductVariantSortingInput
before: String
after: String
first: Int
last: Int
): ProductVariantCountableConnection


ids ([ID!])

Filter product variants by given IDs.

channel (String)

Slug of a channel for which the data should be returned.

filter (ProductVariantFilterInput)

Filtering options for product variant.

sortBy (ProductVariantSortingInput)

Sort products variants.

before (String)

Return the elements in the list that come before the specified cursor.

after (String)

Return the elements in the list that come after the specified cursor.

first (Int)

Return the first n elements from the list.

last (Int)

Return the last n elements from the list.