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Version: 3.x


Represents availability of a variant in the storefront.

type VariantPricingInfo {
onSale: Boolean
discount: TaxedMoney
discountLocalCurrency: TaxedMoney
price: TaxedMoney
priceUndiscounted: TaxedMoney
priceLocalCurrency: TaxedMoney


VariantPricingInfo.onSale ● Boolean scalar

Whether it is in sale or not. ● TaxedMoney object

The discount amount if in sale (null otherwise).

VariantPricingInfo.discountLocalCurrency ● TaxedMoney object

The discount amount in the local currency.

VariantPricingInfo.price ● TaxedMoney object

The price, with any discount subtracted.

VariantPricingInfo.priceUndiscounted ● TaxedMoney object

The price without any discount.

VariantPricingInfo.priceLocalCurrency ● TaxedMoney object

The discounted price in the local currency.

Member of

ProductVariant object