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Version: 3.x


Deletes a shipping price.

Requires one of the following permissions: MANAGE_SHIPPING.

type ShippingPriceDelete {
shippingMethod: ShippingMethodType
shippingZone: ShippingZone
shippingErrors: [ShippingError!]!
errors: [ShippingError!]!


ShippingPriceDelete.shippingMethod ● ShippingMethodType object

A shipping method to delete.

ShippingPriceDelete.shippingZone ● ShippingZone object

A shipping zone to which the shipping method belongs.

ShippingPriceDelete.shippingErrors ● [ShippingError!]! non-null object

ShippingPriceDelete.errors ● [ShippingError!]! non-null object

Returned by

shippingPriceDelete mutation