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Version: 3.x


History log of the order.

type OrderEvent implements Node {
id: ID!
date: DateTime
type: OrderEventsEnum
user: User
app: App
message: String
email: String
emailType: OrderEventsEmailsEnum
amount: Float
paymentId: String
paymentGateway: String
quantity: Int
composedId: String
orderNumber: String
invoiceNumber: String
oversoldItems: [String!]
lines: [OrderEventOrderLineObject!]
fulfilledItems: [FulfillmentLine!]
warehouse: Warehouse
transactionReference: String
shippingCostsIncluded: Boolean
relatedOrder: Order
discount: OrderEventDiscountObject
status: TransactionStatus
reference: String

Fields ● ID! non-null scalar ● DateTime scalar

Date when event happened at in ISO 8601 format.

OrderEvent.type ● OrderEventsEnum enum

Order event type.

OrderEvent.user ● User object

User who performed the action. ● App object

App that performed the action. Requires of of the following permissions: MANAGE_APPS, MANAGE_ORDERS, OWNER.

OrderEvent.message ● String scalar

Content of the event. ● String scalar

Email of the customer.

OrderEvent.emailType ● OrderEventsEmailsEnum enum

Type of an email sent to the customer.

OrderEvent.amount ● Float scalar

Amount of money.

OrderEvent.paymentId ● String scalar

The payment reference from the payment provider.

OrderEvent.paymentGateway ● String scalar

The payment gateway of the payment.

OrderEvent.quantity ● Int scalar

Number of items.

OrderEvent.composedId ● String scalar

Composed ID of the Fulfillment.

OrderEvent.orderNumber ● String scalar

User-friendly number of an order.

OrderEvent.invoiceNumber ● String scalar

Number of an invoice related to the order.

OrderEvent.oversoldItems ● [String!] list scalar

List of oversold lines names.

OrderEvent.lines ● [OrderEventOrderLineObject!] list object

The concerned lines.

OrderEvent.fulfilledItems ● [FulfillmentLine!] list object

The lines fulfilled.

OrderEvent.warehouse ● Warehouse object

The warehouse were items were restocked.

OrderEvent.transactionReference ● String scalar

The transaction reference of captured payment.

OrderEvent.shippingCostsIncluded ● Boolean scalar

Define if shipping costs were included to the refund.

OrderEvent.relatedOrder ● Order object

The order which is related to this order. ● OrderEventDiscountObject object

The discount applied to the order.

OrderEvent.status ● TransactionStatus enum

The status of payment's transaction.

OrderEvent.reference ● String scalar

The reference of payment's transaction.


Node interface

An object with an ID

Member of

Order object ● OrderAddNote object ● OrderEventCountableEdge object