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Version: 3.x


The manifest definition.

type Manifest {
identifier: String!
version: String!
name: String!
about: String
permissions: [Permission!]
appUrl: String
configurationUrl: String
tokenTargetUrl: String
dataPrivacy: String
dataPrivacyUrl: String
homepageUrl: String
supportUrl: String
extensions: [AppManifestExtension!]!
webhooks: [AppManifestWebhook!]!


identifier (String!)

version (String!)

name (String!)

about (String)

permissions ([Permission!])

appUrl (String)

configurationUrl (String)

URL to iframe with the configuration for the app.

tokenTargetUrl (String)

dataPrivacy (String)

Description of the data privacy defined for this app.

dataPrivacyUrl (String)

homepageUrl (String)

supportUrl (String)

extensions ([AppManifestExtension!]!)

webhooks ([AppManifestWebhook!]!)

List of the app's webhooks.

Added in Saleor 3.5.

Note: this API is currently in Feature Preview and can be subject to changes at later point.