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Version: 3.x


Represents app data.

type AppExtension implements Node {
id: ID!
permissions: [Permission!]!
label: String!
url: String!
mount: AppExtensionMountEnum!
target: AppExtensionTargetEnum!
app: App!
accessToken: String


id (ID!)

permissions ([Permission!]!)

List of the app extension's permissions.

label (String!)

Label of the extension to show in the dashboard.

url (String!)

URL of a view where extension's iframe is placed.

mount (AppExtensionMountEnum!)

Place where given extension will be mounted.

target (AppExtensionTargetEnum!)

Type of way how app extension will be opened.

app (App!)

accessToken (String)

JWT token used to authenticate by thridparty app extension.



An object with an ID