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Version: 3.x


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input TransactionCreateInput {
status: String!
type: String!
reference: String
availableActions: [TransactionActionEnum!]
amountAuthorized: MoneyInput
amountCharged: MoneyInput
amountRefunded: MoneyInput
amountVoided: MoneyInput
metadata: [MetadataInput!]
privateMetadata: [MetadataInput!]


TransactionCreateInput.status ● String! non-null scalar

Status of the transaction.

TransactionCreateInput.type ● String! non-null scalar

Payment type used for this transaction.

TransactionCreateInput.reference ● String scalar

Reference of the transaction.

TransactionCreateInput.availableActions ● [TransactionActionEnum!] list enum

List of all possible actions for the transaction

TransactionCreateInput.amountAuthorized ● MoneyInput input

Amount authorized by this transaction.

TransactionCreateInput.amountCharged ● MoneyInput input

Amount charged by this transaction.

TransactionCreateInput.amountRefunded ● MoneyInput input

Amount refunded by this transaction.

TransactionCreateInput.amountVoided ● MoneyInput input

Amount voided by this transaction.

TransactionCreateInput.metadata ● [MetadataInput!] list input

Payment public metadata.

TransactionCreateInput.privateMetadata ● [MetadataInput!] list input

Payment private metadata.

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