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Version: 3.x


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input ShippingPriceInput {
name: String
description: JSONString
minimumOrderWeight: WeightScalar
maximumOrderWeight: WeightScalar
maximumDeliveryDays: Int
minimumDeliveryDays: Int
type: ShippingMethodTypeEnum
shippingZone: ID
addPostalCodeRules: [ShippingPostalCodeRulesCreateInputRange!]
deletePostalCodeRules: [ID!]
inclusionType: PostalCodeRuleInclusionTypeEnum


name (String)

Name of the shipping method.

description (JSONString)

Shipping method description.

minimumOrderWeight (WeightScalar)

Minimum order weight to use this shipping method.

maximumOrderWeight (WeightScalar)

Maximum order weight to use this shipping method.

maximumDeliveryDays (Int)

Maximum number of days for delivery.

minimumDeliveryDays (Int)

Minimal number of days for delivery.

type (ShippingMethodTypeEnum)

Shipping type: price or weight based.

shippingZone (ID)

Shipping zone this method belongs to.

addPostalCodeRules ([ShippingPostalCodeRulesCreateInputRange!])

Postal code rules to add.

deletePostalCodeRules ([ID!])

Postal code rules to delete.

inclusionType (PostalCodeRuleInclusionTypeEnum)

Inclusion type for currently assigned postal code rules.