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Version: 3.x


No description

input ProductCreateInput {
attributes: [AttributeValueInput!]
category: ID
chargeTaxes: Boolean
collections: [ID!]
description: JSONString
name: String
slug: String
taxCode: String
seo: SeoInput
weight: WeightScalar
rating: Float
productType: ID!


attributes ([AttributeValueInput!])

List of attributes.

category (ID)

ID of the product's category.

chargeTaxes (Boolean)

Determine if taxes are being charged for the product.

collections ([ID!])

List of IDs of collections that the product belongs to.

description (JSONString)

Product description.

Rich text format. For reference see

name (String)

Product name.

slug (String)

Product slug.

taxCode (String)

Tax rate for enabled tax gateway.

seo (SeoInput)

Search engine optimization fields.

weight (WeightScalar)

Weight of the Product.

rating (Float)

Defines the product rating value.

productType (ID!)

ID of the type that product belongs to.