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Version: 3.x


No description

input CollectionCreateInput {
isPublished: Boolean
name: String
slug: String
description: JSONString
backgroundImage: Upload
backgroundImageAlt: String
seo: SeoInput
publicationDate: Date
products: [ID!]


isPublished (Boolean)

Informs whether a collection is published.

name (String)

Name of the collection.

slug (String)

Slug of the collection.

description (JSONString)

Description of the collection.

Rich text format. For reference see

backgroundImage (Upload)

Background image file.

backgroundImageAlt (String)

Alt text for an image.

seo (SeoInput)

Search engine optimization fields.

publicationDate (Date)

Publication date. ISO 8601 standard.

DEPRECATED: this field will be removed in Saleor 4.0.

products ([ID!])

List of products to be added to the collection.