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Version: 3.x


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input CheckoutLineUpdateInput {
variantId: ID
quantity: Int
price: PositiveDecimal
lineId: ID


variantId (ID)

ID of the product variant.

DEPRECATED: this field will be removed in Saleor 4.0. Use lineId instead.

quantity (Int)

The number of items purchased. Optional for apps, required for any other users.

price (PositiveDecimal)

Custom price of the item. Can be set only by apps with HANDLE_CHECKOUTS permission. When the line with the same variant will be provided multiple times, the last price will be used.

Added in Saleor 3.1.

Note: this API is currently in Feature Preview and can be subject to changes at later point.

lineId (ID)

ID of the line.

Added in Saleor 3.6.