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Version: 3.x


Using sales in Saleor​

Sales are an excellent way to encourage customers to use your store. Saleor offers you a range of sale options:

  • Specific price reductions or percentage discounts
  • Sales on single or grouped products, categories, and collections
  • Flexible time periods for sales events, which can be deactivated and reactivated at any time.

How to create a sale​

Step 1: Add a new sale​

Click CreateΒ Sale above the main sales list and fill in the relevant sections.

Creating sale

Step 2: General Information card​

Add the name of your sale. This can be edited later.

Step 3: Discount type​

Discount Value: Choose between percentage discount or fixed amount discount type.

Step 4: Availability​

Click the MANAGE button in the right top corner of the availability card, and then assign a previously created channel. You can assign multiple channels to one sale discount.

Step 5: Discount Value​

Once you have assigned the channels and you have chosen a discount type, fill in the value of the discount. Channels that don’t have assigned discounts will use their parent channel to define the price. The price will be converted to the channel’s currency.

Step 6: Active dates​

Use the pop-up calendar or stepper to choose the start and end dates of the sale. If you do not set a start date, the sale will start immediately; similarly, a sale without an end date will continue indefinitely.

Active dates

Step 7: Save your changes​

Click Save on the footer bar to save the sale.

Step 8: Assign categories, collections, or products​

Once a sale has been created, to assign any product, category or collection, click on the relevant tab and then make your selection using the checkboxes. You can search for specific products, attributes, and so on by typing in the Search Categories section.

Including categories in sale

Once you have chosen the products, categories or collections you want to promote, click Assign.

Step 9: Summary​

Once you have set the basic parameters of your sale and saved them, the summary section on the right side of the page will show an overview of the event.

How to manage metadata in the sale setup page​

You can add private and public metadata for each sale in the sale setup page. Use the button Add Field to add a new metadata field.