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Version: 3.x



This page presents an overview of managing your multi-warehouse inventory. In short, a multi-warehouse feature is the ability to split inventory among multiple locations. Saleor 2.10 supports the implementation of basic multi-warehouse management. This will enable the platform to more closely follow your existing stock management process.

Creating a warehouse

To create a warehouse, visit the Warehouses section in the Configuration tab.

Warehouses management screen

Select Create Warehouse and fill in the name and address information.

Warehouse creation

Adding a warehouse to a shipping zone

To assign a warehouse to a shipping zone, visit the shipping zone's details page.

Shipping zone warehouse assignment

Stock management

See Products.


This feature was introduced in Saleor 3.1.

To enable Click & Collect option in the given Warehouse, select All Warehouses or Local stock only. The All Warehouses option indicates that ordered products can be picked up from the selected warehouse even if they need to be shipped from a different warehouse (or multiple warehouses). Local stock only means that ordered products can be picked up from a selected warehouse only if there is enough stock in the selected Warehouse to fulfill the entire order.

Public Stock and Private Stock options are used to decide whether warehouse stock levels should be visible to customers. Please note that making the stock information private will disable the Local stock only collection option as customers would be unable to check if a particular product is available for pickup or not.


All Warehouses use Disabled and Private Stock settings by default.

Click&Collect settings