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Version: 3.x


Enabling Stripe integration

Go to Configuration -> Plugins -> Stripe and fill in the fields:

  • Public API key: your Stripe public API key. See Stripe's docs

  • Supported currencies: your currency as an ISO 4217 3-letter code (eg. USD, EUR, GBP)

  • Automatic payment capture: If enabled, Saleor will automatically capture funds. If disabled, the funds are blocked but need to be captured manually.

  • Secret API key: your Stripe secret API key. See Stripe's docs

Activating Stripe webhooks

By activating Stripe integration, Saleor will automatically subscribe to Stripe's webhooks, as a result Webhook endpoint field will receive an id of the subscription which allows identifying a webhook on Stripe's dashboard side.


You need to provide your backend domain in Site Settings. Saleor will not subscribe to Stripe endpoint if you provide there localhost or If you want to test it locally use tools like ngrok