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Version: 3.x


This page gives you a convenient overview of currently installed plugins in Saleor. Saleor provides the possibility to add various extensions to it so you can create your own configuration.

The plugin page is used to display general information about installed plugins, along with their activation status (active or not active).

Plugin list

If you choose to, you can use the plugin window to display the basic configuration to allow dashboard users to manage the elemental settings of existing plugins.

For more detailed information about plugins and our Plugin Manager, see the Extending topic in the chapter for developers.

Saleor arrives with the following plugins already integrated.

  • Used to configure taxes in Saleor:

    • Avalara

    • Vatlayer

  • Used to process payments (all supported payment gateways in Saleor come as plugins):

    • Adyen

    • Braintree

    • Razorpay

    • Stripe

  • Used to provide certain core features:

    • Invoicing

    • Webhooks

In all cases of plugin configuration, you need to provide your credentials. Depending on the gate you are configuring, there might be additional setup required.