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Version: 3.x


This page allows you to define and manage your sales channels for your store. You can create multiple channels with different currencies.


How to

How to create a channel

  1. The first step is to click the CREATE CHANNEL button to create a channel in the Channels section of dashboard configuration.

  2. The second step is to fill out the following information:

    • Channel name
    • Slug
    • Channel currency

    Once you have provided the above information, click the SAVE button to save the channel.

New channel


Once the channel has been created, you cannot change its currency.

How to activate a channel

Newly created channels are inactive by default. Click the ACTIVATE button to activate a channel. Likewise, to deactivate a channel, click the DEACTIVATE button.

New channel

How to remove a channel

You can remove a channel from the channel list view using the trash icon next to the channel's name.


A channel can only be removed when it does not have any existing orders. If a channel has existing orders, you need to choose another channel with the same currency, where orders will be moved to.