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Version: 3.x


This page gives you an overview of the multichannel functionality.

Multichannel is one of the key features that expand Saleor’s capabilities. It allows users to create multiple sales channels with a unique UUID, enabling stores to differentiate their sales points. One of the first steps users must take is creating a channel in the dashboard.

Users can manage multiple channels through a single dashboard. They can assign and manage the following unique data to specific channels:

  • Currency. You can choose a unique currency for each channel. This function allows you to sell products in your customers’ currencies.

  • Catalog and stock availability (products, collections). Users can set different products and collections for each channel. It allows you to manage two or more different sales points with different products and their availability.

  • Discounts (vouchers and sales). Users can create and set multiple discounts for each channel.

  • Shipping rates. Depending on the location of the store and shipping providers, you can set different shipping rates.

  • Orders. Users can filter orders per channel. Draft orders can be created for each channel.

Examples of multi-channel use cases

The multichannel feature can be used in many ways. Let’s take a look at examples of multichannel use cases:

  1. A user has two online shops. The first one focuses on premium clothes and operates in Germany. The shop offers products in EUR currency, and it’s translated into the German language. The second shop sells toys in the US. Products are offered in USD, and the shop uses the English language. In both cases, the user selects specific shipping rates for each shop and market. Both of the shops are managed from a single dashboard.

  2. A user has one shop but created two channels. The first channel is called web-channel, which refers to the desktop website version of the shop, and the second is mobile-channel, the mobile app version. The shop owner sets different prices and availability for the same products for each channel. Both channels operate using the same currency and shipping rates. Everything is managed through a single dashboard.

How to create a channel

To create a channel in the dashboard, please read the following instructions.