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Version: 3.x

Developer tools


Saleor includes a GraphQL Playground, an interactive GraphQL editor, allowing access to your Saleor instance's API through the web browser. The Playground lets you quickly familiarize yourself with the API, perform example operations, and send your first queries and mutations.


To view and try out the Playground instance of Saleor's demo store, visit the Saleor Demo Playground.

Check playground authentication instructions to explore non public APIs.

If you like to share your queries, use the share button in the playground to get a shareable link; always be mindful about sharing secrets in headers!

Inspectors for browsers

You can learn about Saleor API by interacting with Dashboard or Storefront and observing requests using browser extensions:

Chrome: GraphQL Inspector

Firefox: GraphQL DevTools


GraphQL Code Generation can automate creation of GraphQL requests, typings and more. You can use React Storefront for reference how to configure codegen in a Typescript project, but similar setup can be achieved in other languages.

GraphQL clients

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