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Version: 3.x


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input ShippingZoneCreateInput {
name: String
description: String
countries: [String!]
default: Boolean
addWarehouses: [ID!]
addChannels: [ID!]

Fields ● String scalar

Shipping zone's name. Visible only to the staff.

ShippingZoneCreateInput.description ● String scalar

Description of the shipping zone.

ShippingZoneCreateInput.countries ● [String!] list scalar

List of countries in this shipping zone.

ShippingZoneCreateInput.default ● Boolean scalar

Default shipping zone will be used for countries not covered by other zones.

ShippingZoneCreateInput.addWarehouses ● [ID!] list scalar

List of warehouses to assign to a shipping zone

ShippingZoneCreateInput.addChannels ● [ID!] list scalar

List of channels to assign to the shipping zone.

Member of

shippingZoneCreate mutation

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