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Version: 3.x


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input ShippingPriceInput {
name: String
description: JSONString
minimumOrderWeight: WeightScalar
maximumOrderWeight: WeightScalar
maximumDeliveryDays: Int
minimumDeliveryDays: Int
type: ShippingMethodTypeEnum
shippingZone: ID
addPostalCodeRules: [ShippingPostalCodeRulesCreateInputRange!]
deletePostalCodeRules: [ID!]
inclusionType: PostalCodeRuleInclusionTypeEnum
taxClass: ID

Fields ● String scalar

Name of the shipping method.

ShippingPriceInput.description ● JSONString scalar

Shipping method description.

ShippingPriceInput.minimumOrderWeight ● WeightScalar scalar

Minimum order weight to use this shipping method.

ShippingPriceInput.maximumOrderWeight ● WeightScalar scalar

Maximum order weight to use this shipping method.

ShippingPriceInput.maximumDeliveryDays ● Int scalar

Maximum number of days for delivery.

ShippingPriceInput.minimumDeliveryDays ● Int scalar

Minimal number of days for delivery.

ShippingPriceInput.type ● ShippingMethodTypeEnum enum

Shipping type: price or weight based.

ShippingPriceInput.shippingZone ● ID scalar

Shipping zone this method belongs to.

ShippingPriceInput.addPostalCodeRules ● [ShippingPostalCodeRulesCreateInputRange!] list input

Postal code rules to add.

ShippingPriceInput.deletePostalCodeRules ● [ID!] list scalar

Postal code rules to delete.

ShippingPriceInput.inclusionType ● PostalCodeRuleInclusionTypeEnum enum

Inclusion type for currently assigned postal code rules.

ShippingPriceInput.taxClass ● ID scalar

ID of a tax class to assign to this shipping method. If not provided, the default tax class will be used.

Member of

shippingPriceCreate mutation ● shippingPriceUpdate mutation

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