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Version: 3.x


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input ProductWhereInput {
metadata: [MetadataFilter!]
ids: [ID!]
name: StringFilterInput
slug: StringFilterInput
productType: GlobalIDFilterInput
category: GlobalIDFilterInput
collection: GlobalIDFilterInput
isAvailable: Boolean
isPublished: Boolean
isVisibleInListing: Boolean
publishedFrom: DateTime
availableFrom: DateTime
hasCategory: Boolean
price: DecimalFilterInput
minimalPrice: DecimalFilterInput
attributes: [AttributeInput!]
stockAvailability: StockAvailability
stocks: ProductStockFilterInput
giftCard: Boolean
hasPreorderedVariants: Boolean
updatedAt: DateTimeFilterInput
AND: [ProductWhereInput!]
OR: [ProductWhereInput!]
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ProductWhereInput.metadata ● [MetadataFilter!] list input

ProductWhereInput.ids ● [ID!] list scalar ● StringFilterInput input

Filter by product name.

ProductWhereInput.slug ● StringFilterInput input

Filter by product slug.

ProductWhereInput.productType ● GlobalIDFilterInput input

Filter by product type.

ProductWhereInput.category ● GlobalIDFilterInput input

Filter by product category.

ProductWhereInput.collection ● GlobalIDFilterInput input

Filter by collection.

ProductWhereInput.isAvailable ● Boolean scalar

Filter by availability for purchase.

ProductWhereInput.isPublished ● Boolean scalar

Filter by public visibility.

ProductWhereInput.isVisibleInListing ● Boolean scalar

Filter by visibility on the channel.

ProductWhereInput.publishedFrom ● DateTime scalar

Filter by the publication date.

ProductWhereInput.availableFrom ● DateTime scalar

Filter by the date of availability for purchase.

ProductWhereInput.hasCategory ● Boolean scalar

Filter by product with category assigned.

ProductWhereInput.price ● DecimalFilterInput input

Filter by product variant price.

ProductWhereInput.minimalPrice ● DecimalFilterInput input

Filter by the lowest variant price after discounts.

ProductWhereInput.attributes ● [AttributeInput!] list input

Filter by attributes associated with the product.

ProductWhereInput.stockAvailability ● StockAvailability enum

Filter by variants having specific stock status.

ProductWhereInput.stocks ● ProductStockFilterInput input

Filter by stock of the product variant.

ProductWhereInput.giftCard ● Boolean scalar

Filter on whether product is a gift card or not.

ProductWhereInput.hasPreorderedVariants ● Boolean scalar

Filter by product with preordered variants.

ProductWhereInput.updatedAt ● DateTimeFilterInput input

Filter by when was the most recent update.

ProductWhereInput.AND ● [ProductWhereInput!] list input

List of conditions that must be met.

ProductWhereInput.OR ● [ProductWhereInput!] list input

A list of conditions of which at least one must be met.

Member of

CataloguePredicateInput input ● products query ● ProductWhereInput input

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